Next Etsy Shop Restock: Friday, June 28th - 1:00pm PST + UPDAAAATES!

As you can see - got a little bit of a makeover! Follow the jump for lots of UPDATES!

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L-R: Bisbee 2.0, Leap Light-year, Star Tropics

Here's the official heads up that we'll be restocking our Etsy Shop tomorrow, Friday June 28 at 1:00 pm PST! I guess we've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately - we've resurrected 3 old HARE polish shades, given them new & improved formulas and made them available for purchase! :D

We'll be restocking the following shades...

- Bisbee 2.0 
- Leap Light-year
- Star Tropics

The entire Last Queen of France collection (Spring 2013):
- Rococo Grandeur
- Let Them Eat... What?
- Hooky at the Hamlet 
- Return to Nature
- Party Palace 
- The Teen Queen
- Own Your Opulence
- Dauphine of Decadence
- Married to the Monarchy
- What I Wore to the Revolution 

Older shades, too!: 
- Afterglow 
- Amethystsos
- Asteroid Turf
- Atolla
- Bury the Hatchetfish
- Cast in Bronze
- Cosmo Blossoms
- Dead Man's Bones
- Dog Day Dream 
- Electric Flame
- Golden Years
- King of Carat Flowers
- Magic Mist
- Midsummer's Midnight
- Oceans of Alloys
- Pegasus
- Reverie in Rubellite
- Rusty Hearts
- Supernova Springs 
- Twilight Savings
- Why So Igneous?

We have a set amount of bottles of Bisbee 2.0, Leap Light-year & Star Tropics for this initial "flash sale" - though we'll be restocking these shades in the future and I know our Authorized Retailers will also have these in stock in the near future! 

See ya at the restock :)

HARE polish 

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  1. Oh, what a fun announcement that makes me want to cry (I never have to work late but I'm pulling a double and won't get home until 7pm)! Hopefully there will be a few fun colors left for my to snatch up, I've got my eyes on Leap Light-year!

    1. Bummer that you have to work late! Don't cryyyyy :)

      We'll definitely be restocking these shades so if you miss anything this time around, it shall be back!


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  3. So sad that I didn't see this announcement sooner...would you by any chance bring back Pegasus soon? :'(